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Skope: Any plans for any holiday music from either Halloween or Christmas? 
Not at this moment.  I just released my Debut EP – Chasing Forever.

Skope: Looking back on 2013 what are you most proud of and any goals for 2014?
Looking back on 2013, I quit my full-time job as a Research Engineer developing biomedical microsystems and dived head first into music. I have never felt more fulfilled. The result of this drastic career switch was my debut EP. I always felt like I would regret not pursuing music hard enough, so I felt like this was the time for me to jump ahead and pursue my passion, follow my heart and see where it leads me. I feel really proud of my decision and haven’t looked back since. I still consult in the engineering field, but now most of my time is devoted to music, writing new songs and developing my craft. My goal for 2014 is to release my first full length album.

Skope: What are you currently promoting the most via an album, tour, single etc?
Currently I am promoting my debut EP. I plan to release a music video for the song Chasing Forever, which is the title track of my EP.

Skope: Bedides music, do you also have school/work/family and how do you balance? 
Besides music, I am a consultant in the field of Biomedical Microsystems. I have two masters degrees in Electrical Engineering with research experience in developing miniature implantable biomedical devices and sensors.

I was born and raised in India and growing up, my parents supported my music but emphasized career and a good education. So music became something I pursued only as a hobby.
I never dreamed of making a career of it in India because I didn’t feel like there was a big enough market for the Soul/Pop music that I am passionate about in India. I feel really blessed that I got a chance to come to the USA and even more blessed that I am able to pursue my musical dreams here.

Skope: Do you have any new Youtube video or Soundcloud single posted online we should hear? 
The title track of my debut EP – Chasing Forever. This is my favorite song that I have written so far. It is a epic, soulful ballad about unconditional love.

My youtube channel is  I plan to release a music video for Chasing Forever in January 2014.

Skope: What is coming up for you & where you at online?
I am planning a tour in 2014.  For people interested in coming to my show, I would love for them to fill out the “Request Andrea to Perform at your City” section of this form on my website so I will be able to make a stop at your city!

You can find me online at


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